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Renqiu in the northwest city of Cangzhou City, away from the nearest urban area 10 km Renqiu. Baiyangdian the "pearl of North China," with a total area of 366 square kilometers, is the largest freshwater lake in North China, and its beautiful natural scenery, unlike Shuitianyise large lakes, there are also different from the mountainous landscape matched reservoir. Lake in the village, the village has lake, river lake connected to the water ...[Detail]

Changzhou is located in the coastal plains, many rivers, more than 20 gathered nine rivers into the sea, river, lake library, ponds, trunk and branch canals of total storage capacity of 4.8 billion cubic meters, many Wadian wet, the South is the most prominent Hong Kong Wetland The one place. Wetlands at 5.4 m above sea level the highest, lowest 2.9 m, divided into the lagoon depressions, shallow groove depressions, such as hillock and Cao Bang ...[Detail]

Cangzhou City, Temple, located in the Canal Zone, Cangzhou City No. 9 Xiao streets. Next start-up repair, and the existing three things bigger galleries, is the only Ming beams brackets Cangzhou structure of ancient buildings, the key units of Cangzhou City. [Detail]

Famous monuments, in order to "State of the Cangzhou Lion King Tower, East County';s Iron Buddha" famous. New Tie Fosi located in the center of tourist area, covers an area of 7334 square meters, including the gate, King Hall, Main Hall, East and West side hall, a group of simple and elegant Font magnificent ancient buildings. Middle of the lintel of the gate is "Tie Fosi" Three words. King Hall and the Main Hall in gilt plaque, the last ...[Detail]

And Ming Dulin bridge. Cangxian Turin town center is located in Cangzhou, the old course of the three holes to open across the shoulders Hutuohe arched stone bridge. Twenty-two years Ming Wanli (1594), consumption of two silver 20000. Two decades of the Qing dynasty, Hutuohe water big time, the size of the second punch hole trap Sipan. Guangxu (1907) Wang Yin Tong local people took six years to rebuild completed. Piled by the stone bridge, ...[Detail]

Jin Gangting located in Cangzhou the northeast corner of South County. Tang Shi Jingang Pavilion built as two, each for a block of bluestone respect of the carving. With Block 4 meters around to encircle. Both East and West opposite standing, wearing armor, shaped like warriors. East who cross mace chest, palms together. West were two hand mace handle to tip touching the ground. Each like a nostril. Carving fine, imposing, look fly, the ...[Detail]

In the Later Tang Dynasty Village, Huanghua Town, South row, according to legend, fishermen, and Matsu area in the Later Tang Dynasty were living, fishing fishing guide, guide course in case of storms and misfortunes for the treatment of local fishermen, local fishermen known as the master. Master cents to go after, to commemorate the people, but also seek blessings, has a master grave. To 95 years for the restoration of traditional cultural ...[Detail]

China Medical resort, home of the Chinese Medical wins Mo Bian Que states in the North China Plain City in the Renqiu. Renqiu located in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi Golden Triangle area, a famous ancient Chinese masters have left their footprints. China';s top ten doctors, and doctors dedicated to St. Bian Que, the world';s largest Yaowang Temple sits Renqiu land. It is the ancient Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, the birthplace of Chinese ...[Detail]

Cangzhou folk song: "a text of a force, a national treasure, a human ancestor." Man, was the great master of literature Ji Xiaolan, Wu, was the Cangzhou is a world famous martial arts village, David refers to the Cangzhou Iron Lion, human ancestors that Pangu Pangu sites on the Qing County, Cangzhou City, belongs to this territory. 6 km south of the village Qingxian called "tape ancient", the village temple disk blocks west. Old tape in ...[Detail]

Yanshan County, Cangzhou City, located in the southeast town of thousands of children, 25 km south of Yanshan County Town. Going to thousands of children have Cinei Hall, Mount Church, Friendship Hall, recorded the rate of the Boys & Girls Qin Xu Fuyong alchemist, artisans and craftsman Going success of the Japanese archipelago. The town of thousands of children in the Shang, Zhou, Warring States period, known as "Rao Anyi," meaning "the ...[Detail]